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drillMap aggregates and visualizes your energy data to help you optimize your business.


Effortlessly combine market data, proprietary data and third-party data


View data in geospatial and business contexts for location-aware intelligence


Make data-driven decisions to optimize your business

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Make Data-Driven Decisions.

In today's energy industry, access to accurate, up to the minute data is critical--and that's true whether you're involved in exploration and production, oilfield services, finance and trading, or midstream operations.

drillMap helps compress cycle times by providing an easy to use, easy to deploy data analysis platform that gives you access to the information you need from anywhere at a moment's notice.


Upload and visualize data from nearly any source

drillMap combines nearly any combination of datasets to unlock the power of your data. Incorporate drillMap's data, data from existing third-party subscriptions, scout reports, and more.

drillMap also enables data integration from ERP, CRM, and asset management applications to give you a truly holistic picture of your business and operations.

And because it's is based in the cloud, drillMap makes it easy to share information to colleagues across your organization, whether they're managing operations in the control room or addressing issues in the field. drillMap also facilitates collaboration by enabling data uploads and synchronization from the field.


See your data in geospatial context

drillMap transforms data buried in spreadsheets and relational databases into stunning visual and geospatial displays.

Quickly plot your data on drillMap's intuitive, interactive maps. Effortlessly view trends with powerful, presentation-ready charts and graphs. Produce organized, insightful reports from unstructured data--all without having to rely on a patchwork of high-overhead, expensive applications.

View nearly any dataset on our industry-leading map, powered by Google Maps. In addition, each drillMap subscription includes access to our own datasets--including oil and gas well locations, completions, permits, mid-stream and much more.


Optimize your business with rapid decision support

The boom in unconventional exploration and production has transformed the energy landscape in North America.Whether you are an E&P Operator or an Oilfield Services company, you are dealing with a rapidly-changing market landscape, intense competition, and a strong business imperative to do more with less. Your operations generate huge volumes of data, that must be analyzed in conjunction with external market data, to support rapid and accurate decision-making. Whether it is workflows for sales and business development, field operations management or prospect generation, drillMap delivers a new way of consuming and making sense of data. And all you need is a web-browser.

See how drillMap can give your company a competitive advantage.

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